Financial Management Practices in Public Health: Enhancing Sustainability and Accountability


  • Anishkumar N. Karia Assistant Professor, S. B. Patil Institute of Management
  • Jaykar L. Jadhav Assistant Professor, D. Y. Patil University School of Management, Ambi, Pune
  • Pradip S Thombare Assistant professor, Sinhgad institute of Management
  • Ajit Goraksha Dalvi Assistant Professor, D Y Patil International University, Akurdi, Pune
  • Praveen P Assistant professor, Dr. D Y Patil institute of Technology


Financial Management, Public Health, Sustainability, Accountability, Budgeting, Cost Control


In public health, managing money is important for making sure that programs last and people are held accountable. This study looks at some of the most important practices and tactics that can help public health organizations handle their money better, with a focus on making things more efficient, clear, and accountable. The research also looks at how technology and new ideas can improve the way financial management is done.Public health groups must use good money management to make the best use of their resources and reach their objectives. This research shows that making a budget, planning your finances, and keeping an eye on things are very important for making sure that resources are used correctly and efficiently. To stop fraud, waste, and abuse, it also stresses the need for strong internal rules and risk management.Public health groups need to be open and responsible if they want to keep the public's trust. This research looks at how important it is for organizations to give correct and up-to-date information to stakeholders about their financial success through financial reports and sharing. It also talks about the role of auditing and evaluating in making sure that best practices and laws are followed in financial management.Innovation and new technology can make it easier for public health organizations to handle their money better. This study talks about the possible advantages of using technology like blockchain, financial management software, and data analytics to make the processes of managing money more efficient, accurate, and open.





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Karia, A. N., Jadhav, J. L., Thombare, P. S., Dalvi, A. G., & P, P. (2024). Financial Management Practices in Public Health: Enhancing Sustainability and Accountability. South Eastern European Journal of Public Health, 135–145. Retrieved from

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