Overview on epidemiological and clinical manifestation of COVID-19 in Albanian adults


  • Najada Çomo
  • Esmeralda Meta
  • Migena Qato
  • Nevila Gjermeni
  • Entela Kolovani
  • Pellumb Pipero
  • Arjan Harxhi
  • Dhimiter Kraja




On March 9, 2020 the first two cases of Sars-Cov-2 were identified and hospitalized in Albania. In this paper we present a retrospective analysis of 3000 consecutive COVID-19 confirmed cases in Albanian adults admitted at the Infectious Diseases Service which includes three tertiary care wards, part of Tirana University Hospital Center “Mother Teresa”. The period included in this analysis is from March 2020 – April 30, 2021.

The paper provides a general overview including demographic distribution, symptomatic diversity and clinical signs manifested among cases, as well as the association observed with underlying pathologies. The analysis included 1944 males and 1056 females. Overall, the age groups included range from 15 to 99 years (median 65 years; mean value 63.4±13.4 years).

There were no statistically significant age differences between males and females (mean ages were: 63.5±13.1 in females and 63.3±13.5 in males; median ages were: 64 years in females and 65 years in males; P=0.67).

There was evidence of a statistically significant difference between sexes regarding the presence of symptoms, which were more predominant in males (P<0.001). On the whole, we observed 19 cases with specific signs and symptoms, most of them (82.9%) among patients who reported the presence of such symptoms 5-14 days before hospitalization.

The comorbidities encountered were ranked according to systems and organs, classifying them in 22 categories, among which the most frequent were hypertension (52%) and diabetes mellitus (26.4%). Age was a strong risk factor for severe illness, complications, and death.

Analyzing symptom onset with total symptoms and comorbidities, it showed that some patients were affected for many days with few symptoms and few comorbidities. It seems they started as mild cases for many days unpredictably precipitating. There were also a few cases with many comorbidities, but a few symptoms upon hospital admission.





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Çomo, N., Meta, E., Qato, M., Gjermeni, N., Kolovani, E., Pipero, P., Harxhi, A., & Kraja, D. (2023). Overview on epidemiological and clinical manifestation of COVID-19 in Albanian adults. South Eastern European Journal of Public Health. https://doi.org/10.56801/seejph.vi.292

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